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bio septic tank


Bio-Septic tank reduces the BOD & Cod to a great extent, thereby reducing the outlet odour.
Advanced Bio Septic Tank is designed in such a way that it cleans the water.
Bio-Septic tank is available from 1200 litres.
The toilet water will be collected in the first compartment, once it is full, the solid waste will settle and the clear sewage water overflow to the second partition.
By using Bio-Media in the second compartment, the bacteria grow on it’s surface and treats the water efficiently.

After the Bio-Media process, the clean water will automatically overflow in to a Soak-Pit or the Hand Bore and this helps to re-charge the ground water effectively.

Typical Concrete/ Brick Septic Tank is 6000-7000lts for a 6 member of family, requires periodic cleaning by the sewage lorry which costs upto Rs.1500/- per term.

* Hill Stations, Instead of Septic Tank, Use our Bio-Septic Tank. Save Mother Earth By Using Our Bio Septic Tank