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Advanced MBBR Technology (Moving Bed Bio-Reactor) Wastewater is directed to an oxygen-depleted upstream flow anoxic reactor after primary treatment.
Denitrification of the waste water stream is accomplished by returning activated sludge from the bio-reactor to the anoxic tank, thereby facilitating the denitrification process as anoxic microbes break down existing nitrates for their available oxygen component.
The result is the release of inert nitrogen gas into the atmospehere.

After anoxic reactor, the waste water flows into the Moving Bed Bio-Reactor and biological degradation will occurs. The mixed liquor suspended soils flow into post anoxic reactor cum sedimentation tank and sludge will settled in the bottom of tank.

Activated sludge will partially passes into the anoxic reactor and sludge handling unit. The supernatant water passes through the teritary treatment unit and fits to reuse for gardening and flushing purpose.

*In House Pre-Fabricated
*Less Sludge Handling Process
*Perfect Solution for Residential Complex, Industries, Commercials, Temporary Wokers Camps etc.